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Take me home, country roads



I am so exhausted right now. The bf and I rented a car and went to WV to see our families for a few days, and we got home at like 3:30 this morning. I couldn't fall asleep until after 5:30, and then I got up at 9 to return the car. And of course now I'm both exhausted and wide awake. :thumbdown: The trip was fairly uneventful, except that I had to do nearly all the driving (I was supposed to do all of it, cause my name was the only one on the rental-long story) and I HATE driving. I get freaked out pretty easily, I have crappy night vision, and my mind tends to wander. Since it was so late, I was listening to really loud music to stay awake, except then I found myself going 90 with both hands off the wheel drumming along with Baba O'Riley. Good example of why I rarely drive: we got relatively close to the city and they were doing all this road work, and it was raining hard, and the lanes shifted and I started going "oh god, oh god, where's the lane, oh god, oh god, help me, where's the lane, where's the LANE?!" and Mark just sat there and laughed at me. But, my mom did buy me some clothes, so the trip wasn't a total loss. :D Oh, and about the title, how weird is it that someone did that song on American Idol?


And I think I've probably told most everyone this by now, but we decided to give up the bunny. His eye thing was actually getting worse, so we took him to the Humane Society. They're a no-kill shelter and they said they could fix him up; of course, that meant we had to surrender him. *sigh* It really, really sucks, but at least by now he's presumably all better. I feel pretty guilty (actually, the people at the shelter seemed to be trying to make us feel guilty, which I thought was just great :angry: ) cause we couldn't afford to get him the surgery ourselves, but seriously....I mean, it was like $500 just for some tests, and that doesn't even begin to include what the actual procedure would've cost. Yeah, ok, or we can pay our rent! So, I'm not really sure if I should feel bad or not. And I'm sure some people think I'm a total weirdo for caring so much. My mom just keeps saying, "Well it's not like it was a person," but that's about as close as I ever plan on getting to having a kid.


Hm, so this turned into a rant at some point, sorry about that.


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