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What I am up to in August 2021



Well, I put the Mainstream book review series on hiatus after finishing off my reviews with the classic Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin.

Some readers may wonder, why did I stop? Well like I noted, I think I overdid it with my daily reviews. I gave too much content for interested readers to read, it became a daily newsletter email. Book reviews should be fun or neat things that give readers guideposts for certain things, if they are preparing to purchase a new book for reading.

I read a lot in my spare time, and not just gay fiction either. However, I can't expect everyone to enjoy reading at the same clip as I do.

I'll need to re-tool the Mainstream Gay Fiction review series, reduce it from daily publication to weekly, so readers can more easily consume it.


Other than that, I am working on a new long-term story set in the modern world around a group of disabled college kids, who possess unique mental abilities. I'm creating the story with elements from Science fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

I'm toying around with concepts and themes in my story such as informed consent, privacy, identity, reality versus perception, and free will.

I've read some of @MyrPsionic Corp series (a fine group of stories if anyone is interested) , but my story is going to take traditional concepts of the genre in a different direction, not truly individual nor group. My story also has an over-arc that defines all the conflicts, similar to the first 4 seasons of the classic Science Fiction series, Babylon 5. I am not sure how long I will keep writing this story for, but I have some very wild concepts and ideas to throw at people, along with plot twists and revelations. Villains and Heroes are not as simple as they may appear at first.

That story will most likely start seeing publication in September 2021 at a weekly pace

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Thanks @W_L! I'm glad you enjoy them. I've enjoyed our recent philosophical discussions on science, science fiction, etc as well :)

Almost all of my reading of late has been related to writing (mostly cramming all the books by James Scott Bell on writing), on world building or business/marketing.  I've not read for straight up fun in a while, outside a couple of FanFiction stories I read when new chapters post.

My main focus has been on building the base of the two worlds I plan to write in. The Psionics Corp World (Science Fiction/ Science Fantasy) and King's Rangers (Fantasy/High Fantasy). 

I look forward to bouncing more ideas around with you.  And anyone else that wants to pop in with an interest in the oddities of reality.


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