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My new story and some thoughts as I experiment



Well for those people who follow my writing, book reviews, and stories, you probably noticed I started a new series, True As It Can Be, a story inspired by the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. I have read the classic fairy tale La Belle et la Bête in high school french class, along with watching the Jean Cocteau 1946 french film and 1991 Disney animated movie.

Everyone has seen or heard of the classic, most of the folks probably have seen the Disney version as kids like me.

However, I wondered what if I take away the fantasy elements from the story and added in modern realities, especially issues involving disabilities, depression, added complex characters psyches, and reinterpreted the concept in a college setting.

I don't know if readers will like or hate my story idea, especially without an editor on board for it. I wanted to try a hand at writing something that speaks to me.

Currently the cast of Characters in the story so far are:

Brad Brooks aka The Beast - A big muscular blond haired former High School Football Quarterback from a wealthy background. Originally, he's from Colorado. He is gay naturally, but he used his innate sexual appeal on women during his high school years to gain popularity and influence. He used to be vane, arrogant, ambitious, and selfish, but he made the mistake of sacrificing others for his personal gain and loving someone that he created in his own image. The result is his disfigurement, injuries to his body, and a state of angry depression that he cannot control. The only person he has even shown an ounce of tenderness toward is the unlikely Beau Cocteau. He is my interpretation of the Beast from both the classic movies and the novel.

Beau Cocteau - He is a petite Caucasian brown haired college freshman, who has very few friends and was disowned by his family in Minnesota. He's inquisitive and very well read. He is significantly shorter than most boys his age, his hair is neck length, and his clothes are from the kids section of discount stores, like Marshall or TJ Maxx, due to his lack of support from his family even before he was disowned. He knows he's weak and alone, but he doesn't give up without a fight. He feels attracted to the Beast/Brad, even though he is not attracted to big muscular jock-type guys, because his family belittled him. There's something in those blue sapphire eyes. He represents Belle in my interpretation.

Gary Gaston- The main antagonist of the story. He's vane, masochistic, and cruelly seeks out personal pleasure or desires without regard to others. He used to be Brad's protege in high school and love interest, but he betrayed Brad. He comes from a wealthy background as well, but while his family fortune may not compare to that of Brad, his family's influence is built on generations. He tries to rape Beau and fails due to Brad's intervention. He is my interpretation of Gaston from the Disney version.

Mrs Angela Potter- She's the resident caregiver and licensed nurse at the unofficial Keller Hall, which Brad and the other students live in. She's separated from her husband. She has one young son around the age of 11-12, named Chris, who is affectionately called "Chip". She is my interpretation of Mrs. Potts, the teapot, from the Animated Disney movie.

Chris "Chip" Potter- He's a talkative, spontaneous, and easily distracted brown haired young boy, who lives with his mother at Keller Hall. He suffers from ADHD and is on the Autism Spectrum. Quite intelligent, but very innocent acting and will speak without any filters about everything. He has a love of Pokemon and has several different outfits that are color coordinated to match each of the creatures. He is my interpretation of "Chip", the teacup, from the Disney version

Francis Lumens- He's a blind redheaded caucasian resident of Keller Hall. He's a former high school American Football O-Line Center. Despite sharing many similarities to the Beast, he has a lot of personal antagonism against the Beast especially. He is my interpretation of Lumiere from the Disney version.

Min Takato- He's a wheelchair bound Asian boy, who was a former high school baseball player. He's sympathetic to the Beast's issues. He is my interpretation of Cogsworth

Paki Feathersworth - He's an effeminate Black boy without a hand. He used to be a high school gymnast. He's also sympathetic to the Beast and continual bickers with Francis. Paki's name in African-Xhosa language means "Witness", which parallel his background and his relationship to the sightless Francis. For those who know the Disney version of the character, you can guess why. He is my interpretation of the Feather duster from the Disney version aka Fifi.

Warren Garcia- He's an effeminate Latino Boy with massive burn scars across half his face that he hides with makeup very well. He used to be a high school Wrestler. He shares a dismissive towards the Beast with Francis. He is my interpretation of the Wardrobe in the Disney version.

Morris - He's Beau's Black freshman roommate initially, who acts as a protector and friend. He is heterosexual and has major sexual desires to the point of developing an STD during the first month of school. He's overall treats Beau like family. He's my interpretation of Maurice, Belle's father in all the incarnation.

Unnamed Cook- Nothing is known so far, except he can scramble eggs, make pancakes, and can make a mean omelet :P


Anyway, I hope this story is fun for readers as it is to me. I set it in November, so I am preparing to go whole hog on the Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with others.

Edited by W_L

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