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A Midsummer Night's Prompt

Cole Matthews


Maybe summer has just begun, according to the summer solstice.  But, we get to treat the month of July as the middle point of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Midsummer is a fantastic time of picnics, parades, hanging out at the lake or the ocean or the pool, and letting the sun and fun wash over you.  Let's play with our characters at a bright and cheery midsummer setting or even in a dark and spooky midsummer's night.  


#61 - You're at a cookout and there is an attractive young man standing by himself.  You venture over and introduce yourself.  He says, "Nice to meet you, my name is Robin Goodfellow."  What is your story?


#62 - Use the following words in a story.  Strawberry pie, eyeball, changeling, hot dogs, tennis bracelet, and beach towel.  

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I like both of these, but like #62 in particular.  I still need to finish @astone2292's challenge prompt though.  :unsure:  

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