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Stevie’s In Love: An Emo Tribute




Let’s Rock!


  1. Anytime You Smile - JT Music (Loving Brandon’s Smile)
  2. Racketball - SUPEREGO (Gym-time Partners)
  3. Dreamy Little You - Kitty Cat Fan Club (The Prettiest Boy In School)
  4. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy (Frustrations)
  5. Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects (Don’t want to be a dirty little secret)
  6. Tell Me You Know - Good Kid (Trying To Get Brandon To Notice)
  7. Weightless - All Time Low (Falling For The Dream Boy)
  8. Backseat Serenade - All Time Low (Being Second Fiddle)
  9. Faster - Good Kid (Trying Harder)
  10. BILLY - 6ix9ine (F*ck You, Billy!)
  11. That’s What You Get - Paramour (Telling Billy Off)
  12. In Between - Beartooth (Still Caught In The Middle)
  13. Crash and Burn (Acoustic) - Savage Garden (Reprise from ‘Brandon Smiling’)
  14. All You Need Is Now - Duran Duran (Coming To Terms)
  15. Sex Emoji - Metronomy (Re-seduction)
  16. 6969 - Ninja Sex Party (Getting Freaky With A Certain Someone)
  17. All Signs Point To Lauderdale - A Day To Remember (Something’s Wrong)
  18. Black Heart Emoji - Karnaboy (Heartbreaking)
  19. Lately I Haven’t Been Sleeping - Spirit Club (Suffering From Brandonitis)
  20. Your Call - Secondhand Serenade (A Fateful Phone Call)
  21. Closer To The Edge - Thirty Seconds To Mars (Troubles Coping)
  22. Snide Little F*ggot - Hammerlock (The Beat Down)
  23. Take Me To Church - Hozier (Hanging On By A Thread)
  24. Why - Secondhand Serenade (Just…Why?)
  25. Too Bad You’re So Beautiful - Duran Duran (…and complicated)
  26. I’ve Been Waiting - Brothertiger (…in vain)
  27. Someone Else Not Me - Duran Duran (Letting Him Go)
  28. Watch How You Go (Acoustic) - Keane (Reprise From ‘Brandon Smiling’)
  29. Thnks fr th mmrs - Fall Out Boy (Thanks for a fun ride while it lasted)
  30. Please, Don’t Forget Me - POP ETC (‘Don’t you forget about me, Brandon!’)

Edited by MrM


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