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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Stories 3.7 Software Update

It's that time again.  We've been working on a new update for stories as we get closer and closer to the major forum version change later this year. This update included a major rewrite of the recommendations page, expansion of the reading history system, addition of story awards (a blast from the long past), and some underlying work to prepare for the future. Recommendations It is now possible to view all recommended stories as we have added the ability to change pages.  We have also

Server Update and Story Archive Updates

Gosh, it's been busy around here lately.  We have done a number of updates in the background and some front facing.  First up, if you didn't click on the announcement banner, Gay Authors has switched from our own dedicated server to our own cloud dedicated server.  From a technical standpoint, that means we abstracted one layer giving us future flexibility and ease of upgrades. This also got us off a server we could no longer upgrade who's Operating System was going unsupported in June.  As

Story Archive Tech - What do you need?

Fellow Site Members: Welcome to 2024!  There are going to be some big software changes this year as the software that powers our website, Invision Community, goes from version 4.X to 5.0.  The big key under the hood changes for this version will be modernizing the software and removing some of the legacy weight it has been carrying for a long time.  Their main target seems to be making the software even more mobile friendly. With over 50% of our traffic coming from Mobile, more speed, better f


Myr in Site Tech News

Notifications on Your Phone - Now Including iPhone/iPad iOS 16.4+

For people that want an App-like experience on your smartphones or tablets running Android and iOS 16.4+, you can now do so. This will make your phone buzz just like a text for each notification you'd get on the site. Tech details: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/iphone-notifications-web-app-and-more-r1278/ How to do it... On your Android/iOS devices in the web browser, go to Gay Authors. The words vary by device and browser, but can be "Add to


Myr in Site Tech News

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