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Technical service call...



My DSL went down today.



So I called my ISP worked my way through the menus untill I got to the technical help section. I pressed the keys and got the message I was in a queue. Now remember I'm queuing for connection support...


I get this message... - We may be able to help you on our website, visit www.....etc. What?!? Umm If I could get the bloody website, I wouldnt be calling! So yeh that pissed me off, then I waited another 35 minutes for my call to be answered.


The good part is, the guy that took the call was great. Knew what he was talking about and was really friendly :)


The moral of this story is....


The next time you cant get on the net.... Visit a website for help! :P


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My DSL line was down about a week ago. We got a new TV and after my husband unplugged all this stuff, shifted things around, and then replugged it all back in, no DSL. So he calls our provider and they are supposed to call him with an appointment day and time to come out and fix things. Twice the guy just showed up and no one was home. The third time (after a rather loud conversation with the provider) he actually called to say when he was coming. Took him 5 minutes to fix the problem. Seems that when you unplug stuff you should really make sure you plug it back into the correct phone jack. :blink:



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The same thing's happened to me before! I'll be calling my cable company to find out why the modem isn't working AND I've already gone through the menu for cable internet so it's not like the think it's cable television I'm calling for, and they're like, "you can get technical support at our website" :mellow: . "No, YOU can get technical support at a website, I can't get there!" :boy:


Glad you got it all worked!

Have an awesome day and take care,


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