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The High school Crush



I went to a party this weekend. An old high school friend is getting married and she invited me to come to her engagement party. My bf and I were seated at a table when I notice a really hot somebody looking at me. At first I didn't realize who this person was but after a few minutes he walked over and introduces himself.


"Hi I'm anthony," he says and I still dont rwecognize him.


"Hello, I'm sorry do I know you?" I answer, taking his hand.


"Don't you remember me Green? We used to have english and art together," he says and I still don't have a clue. "Dude you were like my best friend junior year before I moved away." Then it all hits me. This very attractive man is my high school crush. He got prettier.


He sits with us and after several minutes of playing catch up. He asks me if I am dating someone and I say, "Yeah this is my bf." and his eyes open really wide.


"Oh my god I would never have guessed," he says extending his hand towards my bf who is a little jealous at this point yet that doesn't stop him from checking Anthony out.


We speak for several moments and then he excuses himself. Later on in the night I walk over to the bathroom. In the bathroom I can hear someone talking so I wait. A minute later I hear my name being mentioned. Now I know I can't be mistaken because it's really hard to mistake these words, "Green looks good. I wish I had asked him out in highschool," said the person before opening the door. I hid behind a closet door. When I looked to see who it was it was Anthony. I literally died right there in the closet. Who would have thought that my former best friend and crush was like me and wanted me. All I kept thinking was ditch the bf, ditch the bf. Not that I would ever do that, ever OK...


So the night goes on and I can see him still looking at me. I decide that this is the perfect time to go and I excuse myself and we say our goodbyes. ANthony walks over and hands me his number. "Maybe we can all hang out some time," he says and watches us with kind of sad eyes as we leave.


My BF threw a fit when I told him but that's another story.




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Green, I had a similar experience...I still wonder what about if things had worked out and if the timing/karma/cosmic nature of the sun/moon/stars had set right (ok, ignore me on that..combo of my own sarcasm and wondering what if)..but it just seemed in my case the timing was off for both of us...ah, I will leave it at that and spare you the details and so on..


but I do sooo relate to what you experienced!



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Careful Green. Don't let a happy memory cause insecurity to creep into your current relationship.


I've seen this scenario play out among str8 couples to disastrous results.

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I wont

I love my bf and I would never let anything between us. He knows that and there has been situations when we were faced with such things and he saw that I always did the right thing. Anthony was a good friend once but that is in the past. I don't think we'll ever hang out much less be good friends again.



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Hey Green :)


From what you have said, it's clear that you have witnessed first hand the real gay tragedy. :( Because we can't be who we really are, we miss out on so many opportunities. :angry:


The up side is we persevere. :2thumbs:


Rob :boy:

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