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Busted chapter 43



[Note I'm using the 2005 moon tables, but the dates are needing fixing. http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/MoonPhase.html. More notes at the end]


Steve sat watching Chris as he ate his lunch at his desk. He hadn't said anything when Joe had dropped Toby off, he hadn't said anything when Chris asked him for a lift to the gay bar he'd seem Joe and Alex at, and he hadn't said anything the whole morning as they both dug through a mountain of paperwork and research. He was finding it hard to keep not saying anything.


Chris had been chipper that morning. He hadn't been chipper in months. Possibly years. That was strange enough for a normal day, but yesterday hadn't been normal. It'd been total crap, the kind of day they both hated to have. He was still feeling it. Chris, though


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Right, some notes. This is, of course, on the psychopath branch of the story. It definitely needs some backing story to have been done earlier -- I must add in more of the psychopath bits in earlier in time when I do the edits. A lot of the info they churn over here should've been brought to the reader's attention already.


Also, while Chris has forgotten, the boy that Alex kissed when he was 9 was named Ramirez. I think. He was supposed to have been, at least.

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I'm unclear as to why Chris would ask Steve for a ride to the gay bar since his car is at the firing range.


Sharon (who just can't help noticing this sort of thing) 0:)

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I'm unclear as to why Chris would ask Steve for a ride to the gay bar since his car is at the firing range.

Argh! Dammit, you're right. I'll have to go and change that. Bet I would've missed that the second time through, too. Thanks!

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And quite a blush it was, given Chris' general coloring and the time of year. (Mixed Italian and Native American, and mid-June respectively) It might've been visible from space... :)

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