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Why Me?



Okay, so there was a Football game at my highschool tonight. More importantly, it was homecoming. We Won! Anyways, since football is religion in the south, just about all of the students from my school went to cheer on the team and socialize. I went with my sister and her friend.


We stopped at Taco Bell on the way there to get a little food, and the dirve thru was packed, so we went inside. And guess who we saw there--Hot Cross Country guy. With his girlfriend. I saw him first, so I id behind my sister and her friend, while secretly stealing glances at him. However, I guess he saw me, because as we were waiting for our food (for twenty minutes mind you), he stood up to leave and said "Hi Jim", while waving.


So I gave him a peace sign. I never wave. Ever.


Then, at the game, I saw him as I was walking and he said "Thanks for ignoring me at Taco Bell." Oops. Now he really hates me.


So I responded with "I wasn't ignoring you...per se." I couldn't have just left it without the per se, oh no, that would be way too good a thing to say to him, as if he doesn't already think I'm enough of an asshole.


But seriously, up until this point I haven't seen anyone I know outside of school or school functions, except him, whom I've seen four times now. FOUR TIMES. Could this be a sign, or something?


Other than that, nothing much happened today. Need Sleep. Race tomorrow.


-psychic psychopath


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What do you mean, "is this a sign"? It sounds like a definite crush. The fact that you have seen him four times is probably a coincidence. Unless you think he is stalking you. I might think that it might be the other way around. You said he has a girlfriend. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. You can't make somebody love you.

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RE: the per see comment. Being smart and knowing the right thing to do and say are two completely different things. You wouldn't be the first guy to act or feel awkward around the object of your affection. I think that it happens to most of us.


Don't worry- experience and confidence will cure this with time BUT, you are going to crash and burn a few times. That's how you get experience. (Hey- don't blame me, I don't make the rules, I just work here.)


Your best bet is to be cool and become friends with hot cross country guy. Hang out, play video games, run together. It appears that he's open to that.


From that position, you'll be able to tell if it might go to the next level. If not, hey- at least you've got a friend out of it. :boy:


Take care of your good heart,



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