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Stupid people make me mad



I've been in a very blog mood lately. I just used a noun as an adjective. I need to call my fellow grammar police officers and have them arrest me and then indict me and convict me of high treason against the lords of Grammar...


Got a little crazy there! Anyways, has anyone out there ever just been in an artistic mood for no reason whatsoever? I was today. So I tried to write a song, but the muse wasn't with me today. :angry: I hate it when that happens. So instead of writing a song, I sang one...okay twenty. I took a very long shower and sang a bunch of songs during said shower. :music: Music is awesome.


Hot Cross Country guy did a different workout today than me, because he couldn't go to the homecoming parade, for he has a job (at subway). So I ran with everyone else to the parade, which sucked ass, while he did thirty minutes at easy pace and six strides...He lucked out. I think that I will include something about him in every blog entry from now on. Have I mentioned I am practically in love with him?


I gotta tell you, GA chat is the coolest. It rocks.


As for the title of this blog entry; just figured I'd let you know.


-psychic psychopath


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