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Friend of Dorothy moving to the Land of Oz



Saturday, I will be moving to Kansas. I am actually excited about it. The town is a bit larger. I am so tired of this town. It's just not a good place to be. In addition, I have been thinking a lot about my life. One of my friends is suggesting that I actually take A+ certification, which would basically give me more hands-on training with computers. Some of the stuff they teach is stuff I already know, like how to assemble a computer's outer components. The inner components I am not as familiar with, but I want to learn them. If all goes well, I will find a job in the KC metro. I am an hour south of there now. I think that would be a better place for me, because it is much more gay friendly, and there is an actual community. Chances are that I could easily find a special friend there, and that is what I need. The only thing I don't know is if I want a relationship or if I want something a little more casual. If I had to say at this moment I would say the latter. I am not very trusting, and I think either someone would have to make a lot of effort, or I would have to really be liking him. At least I'm more comfortable now. There is a down side to the friends with benies thing. There was one time where I felt used afterwards. That was bad. Anyway, I am tired. That is why I am so random here. :*)


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Wooo HOOO!


Good luck on the move, Tim! Let me know how it goes :D


Working out what you want in terms of a relationship is never easy...believe me I know. But it sounds like you're on the right track and that's definitely a major plus! :great:


Don't rush. If you'd prefer a 'special friend', however you choose to define that, instead of a 'boyfriend' then that's definitely what you should pursue! I'm sure it'll all work out great for ya :)



Good luck!


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Good luck moving! I suppose you're doing it right now.


And I do hope you'll find a special friend soon, too. :)

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