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*insert pithy title here...



Its been a busy couple of weeks. The only question that remains now is where to start?


Gas, Grass, or Ass.


Thats as good a place as any i suppose. the weekend CJ claimed I had been "detained" I was actually in his region of the lower 48. My uncle owns around 180 acres outside of Kingman Arizona. It was a good time, once everything fell into place. usual stuff happened, brother broke his truck etc. Did you know that the power steering and power brakes on a 05 Yukon operate off the same pump? How dumb is that? Where is the fail safe when two major systems can be taken out with one pump?


Anyhow, the trip was good, after we decided that the Yukon would be okay for the most part. There was paint ball, hiking, a whole torn into the earth revealing the fiery depths of hell (Fire-pit :P ), and I even got to shoot skeet as the sun was sinking that Saturday. :) On the downside I didn't get to shoot my cousins .45 which I dearly love to do, that makes the last three trips I have been able to. the first time he didn't bring enough rounds, the second; he forgot the clip; and this last time; well time simply ran away from us.


Holy Dorothy!


Last Thursday was interesting. Thunderstorms and tornado's OH MY! I know tornado's are common in most parts of the US, however hearing someone come across the radio and say that one, no two, tornado's have been spotted in your imediate area is rather interesting, and exciting I guess. Beyond the swirling vortex, the hail was more interesting. Roughly pea sized and blanketed everything. I have pictures I'll have to put up so you guys can see.


Other things that happened that Thursday. My uncle went in to have a section of his colon removed. They took more then they were planning. A second tumor was discovered while they had him open. Cancerous cells where even discovered in his lymph nodes. Those were removed as well. It appears he had (has?) Stage 2 Cancer. The surgery went well, besides the surprise guests, and he was released this last Sunday. I am not sure of the treatment barrage, though I know radiation isn't a viable option; it sorta kills the intestine.


Everything else...


Besides all of that, I've been busy. Classes are winding down. GA Dallas 2008 is quickly approaching. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting some new faces as well. Even if Trebs was given instructions not to let me bring strays home. I was advised the term 'stray' is negotiable, and that my hotel room does not, in fact, count as home :P


I think thats it for now...


Catch ya'll on the flip side :P




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Even if Trebs was given instructions not to let me bring strays home. I was advised the term 'stray' is negotiable, and that my hotel room does not, in fact, count as home tongue.gif


I think thats it for now...


Ahem doesn't this person have a boyfriend now? Or who are you going after? :P

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Who says I'm gonna be the one to protect your "innocence" - I was the one drooling over you the most in SF I think... :P


As long as I get to watch :devil:




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Kingman Arizona? Is this anywhere near Kingsman Bluff? ;)

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