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Blogging to Ether

Mark Arbour


Well, it's been so incredibly long since I've posted anything to my blog that I doubt anyone will read it. That's OK. I'll use at as therapy, kind of like psychological masturbation. Actually, the thing that's on my mind the most this weekend is the end of my first true fictional story, "Chronicles of an Academic Predator," which I've posted at my yahoo group and on e-fiction. It was pretty fun, since I set the story in 1962 - 1963, a time of change and crisis. The historical research was the most fun of all. It was pretty intense. Once I started writing it was like things just hit me, and even though I didn't have it all planned out when I started, it just seemed to flow and flow and flow. It was funny, because when I posted it on e-fiction, after 45 chapters it became the longest e-fiction story, something I'm sure my editor, Sharon, who truly is a Goddess, was well aware of. Maybe Sharon isn't a Goddess, because if she had powers that amazing she wouldn't have that whole dishwasher problem going on. Maybe Princess is a better term. But I digress.



So now I'm in the post story slump, where I miss building characters and evolving their stories, yet I'm not sure what I want to do next. I'm thinking of doing a sequel to CAP set in 1968, another huge year. I've got two other ideas I'm mulling. One is a story set in the 1980's revolving around the Preppy phenomenon, and another is set in late 1600's France with a new twist on the story of the Man in the Iron Mask. I figure that no matter what I do with the latter choice, it can't be any less historically accurate than Dumas' version. So that's my dilemma. Any of you stumble on this blog by mistake, let me know what you think.


Group Link:Arbourtales: Mark Arbour's Yahoo Group


E-Fiction Link: Chronicles of an Academic Predator


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Bite me, Biotch.

<And I mean that with the utmost love and respect>


Now sweetheart, you've seen my avatar. Look at those teeth.

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