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Curs you, Carbon family!



There were questions about the elements at academic team today, and the carbon family is the only subcategory that I didn't kick ass at. In fact, I only got one of the four elements right. Germanium. Oh well. Better luck next time.


I ran awesome at Cross Country. Sixty second 400 meter. Pretty awesome, for a freshman who just started this year. Hot cross country guy had a bad day, and after he ran, he laid down on the ground for a minute, and it looked like he was sleeping. :wub: He's really cute when he's sleeping.


That's really all for today. I didn't have to deal with the stupid annoying lutheran all day.


It was a day I'll never forget.


No school tomorrow. Don't know why. So I get to stay up late tonight.


-psychic psychopath


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pfff...who needs elements anyways! ^_^


So when hot cross country guy lay down on the ground, you were visualizing him naked weren't you? Can't fool me you little horndog :devil: Next time just jump on and see what he says. Better yet get one of your friends to tape the whole episode and submit it online as 'how not to hit on a straight guy'.


yup, I'm full of good advice today...*cough*




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Ahhhh carbon, can't live breathing it (just ask a miner), can't live without it.


Slaveboy, I'm a bit more subtle, I would have walked over to him, placed my hand on his stomach (just around his belly button) and asked in the nicest voice if everything was okay; oh, and he huge grin on your face when he looks at you to answer does not hurt.


:king: Snow Dog

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That's really all for today. I didn't have to deal with the stupid annoying lutheran all day.



Lutherans usually aren't obnoxious. Typically they're pretty mellow. It's Baptists that mill around waiting to become angry mobs with pitchforks and torches.


Such a lot of bother over a little witchcraft. :rolleyes:

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