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This TIme Imperfect



Well... my mom dropped a bombshell on me today... she told me that my dad, her and my sister are planning on moving out to PA by the end of the year at the earliest and by next summer at the latest. This comes as a shock to me because I thought they were planning on moving out there in 2 years.


Now, normally I'm one to make fun of NJ first, but recently (ok, 4 months or so ago) I found a reason to stay out here and suffer through living in NJ. Matt. I wanna stay out here and be with him, but it's too soon for us to move intogether, but it'll be hard to try and live on my own.


My plan right now is to save as much money as I can, pay off all my hospital bills and start looking for a better job then I have now and a cheap apartment to live in around where I live right now. Honestly, having a car is gonna take second to me moving out and living on my own.


I mean I have the option to move out with my parents, but I don't want to. I want to live close by to matt becasue, afterall, I'm nothing without him. (yea yea... I know how that sounds, but he does mean a lot to me).


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After I graduated from college I was in a quandry about whether to stay with friends in the city I went to school in or move home with my parents. The thing was, my parents were in the process of moving too. I chose to stay with my friends. It was tough and expensive, but I'm glad I did it. Moving is a bitch, a real traumatic experience, and i was luckily able to avoid that trauma that my parents dealt with. WTF does this have to do with your situation? Well, nothing really, other than to say that if you stay in NJ, at least you'll avoid all the crap your family will deal with when they move.

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My vote is for you to move with your parents. So then i'll move to Joisy and scoop Matt of his feet :) .


Eric : "THWAP!"


No actually my vote is for you to do what feels right to you no matter what :) . Matt is a great guy and he will help you through everything i just know it :) If you need tips on how to pack your things REALLY fast im your guy :) I used to move homes EVERY weekend for the longest time lol. 5 garbage bags etc etc just had to walk them down the street but still lol.. PA ? Pencil Frickin Vannia lol, ok that doesnt sound as cool as i thought... not like Ari Frickin zonia :) lol. Worse Case Scenerio you can come live with me :) Well for 6 months lol then i'll have to send you back cant have Immigration at my door lol.

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Hope everything works out :hug:


Your title of your blog happens to be the title of my favorite song by AFI.

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Hope everything works out :hug:


Your title of your blog happens to be the title of my favorite song by AFI.


I was listening to it at the time I was writing my blog and it seemed to fit lol

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