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Foriegn aid, abortion and outsiders



I had to chuckle when I read the thread about public funding for abortions in the Soapbox. I


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why don't you make such comments in the actual threads....


There's no sense in disrupting the thread with my opinions. I've found that I have more range to express my opinions when I do so on my blog rather than in the forums, where the "PC Police" seem to have a stranglehold on moral authority.

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I have to agree to extent.... abortions are fine in some instances. What I can't stand is people who use them as form of birth control multiple times. A good friend of mine got pregnant 4 times and had 4 abortions. Now she is happily married and can't get pregnant. Her doctor told her the multiple abortions had something to do with it.


As a side note.... I always love to read your blogs.... you always have something interesting to say.





Yeah, I would say that multiple abortions are excessive. I was being extra lulzy when I made that statement, mainly to drive the point home that I'm for abortion.


BTW, thank you for the nice comments about my blog. I enjoy writing in it, but I know I've been neglecting it as of late.

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