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Moving.... Again

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We're moving again because of my Job, which sucks.


I like living here, its a good place with good people that have been great with us. I've never heard a single negative comment about gays the entire time we've been here and that's pretty great I think.


But sadly the time has come for me to move stores again and where I go Chris is sure to follow lol

So we're back to not knowing how people will react. I hope that it'll be an easy transition again, but time will tell.




My Dads a plumber, always has been ever since he started working. I never really thought about it but I've come to the conclusion that he was disappointed I never followed in his foot steps. The other day we were talking on the phone and he mentioned something about my brother in law going back into college as part of a plumbing apprenticeship he's doing with my Dad I don't remember what he was talking about but he followed it with something like, ' I'm so glad I'll have someone to pass the company over too, I was worried what would happen to it.' Ugh. My Dad rarely tries to guilt me (that's my Mothers game) but this time he was out full force. I of course didnt rise to the bait and just said, 'Yeah Im glad too Dad.' haha I could hear the hmph come out over the phone and had to stop myself laughing at him. I almost felt like telling him to go ask Mum how to guilt me, She's great at it.


My Sister is moving back to Australia, She's waiting for the Immigration department to confirm their resident visas again and they'll be off. They own a house in south east Melbourne already from when they lived there before and have been renting it out since. The last renters left a few weeks ago so they're all set.


I think i'll blog again soon and not wait months lol





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