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My Sinking Ship.....



Hmmm, I like to think that I have an awesome mother, and and awesome brother, yay! So it would only seem logical that living with only my mom and brother would be just peachy, wouldn't it. Well, it's not..... They're great and all, but it seems that problems on top of problems just keep on circling us. My dad is pretty much being an asshole and keeps on doing stupid shit when I'm trying to strengthen the relationship that I have with him. But, I can't summon up the courage to tell him "Hey f**ker! What you did is messed up! You don't do that, you lied and you are wrong!"


My brother is in his own little world, playing Call of Duty all the time and watching stuff online. Me, I'm the same, in my own little world with my boyfriend, school, friends, and college stuff. My mom, she's in her own world, with her boyfriend. It's not all that bad, I tend to over dramatize things. Life is getting tougher for us, I guess I never thought that the whole "single mom" thing would effect us. I mean, when problems hit, there is only one parent to handle them. And in my case, a parent and the oldest son to hold down the fort. Which leads me to my title........


My mom is having a hard time accepting the fact that I will leave for college. She wants me to go and wants me to excel, but at the same time, she doesn't want to part with me. She asked me why I wanted to attend college so far away (Providence, RI, to her that is half a world away, sigh...) and I told her that I wanted to experience college and that I no longer wanted to live here.....with all this drama. That led to an argument between me and her, and for those who know me, I adore my mother, so so so much. She then accused me of wanting to quit and "leave when a better opportunity presents itself" just like my father, which is what he did. Now that I think about it, it's true. In some way, I am just like a sailor abandoning a sinking ship.


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Cam, you are grown up or very nearly so at this point. Your mom will come to grips with that. If she has a boyfriend, then she is also at a new beginning. If he is a good person and a good match for her, he will resolve the need for a man in her life. The time has come when you can no longer fill that role.


You need to convince her that Providence is not that far away from home. You can visit frequently...less frequently as time passes and her need for you to be the man in her life subsides.



Hang in there. I think all these problems will resolve themselves with time. You may need to take the lead in weaning her away from this dependence. When you've done that, you have become an adult without doubt.

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No, no no. Your not abandoning her or your brother. I dont know what your father did, but you cant put yourself to think that. Your going off to college because you not only want to experience life out on your own but also because you wanna excel in education. Your mother is probably doesnt wanna see her first son go off to college where you'll be there to essential grow up and realize what it is that you wanna do with your life. And thats scary for any parent. Like MikeL said she'll come to terms with it. Just dont let it get to you, if you wanna go to college in Providence then go. Do what you need to do to get there. And not only talk to her more about it but then show her that your serious about going and that could change her thought process on the whole thing.

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hey you're a phone call away or a click of a cam!!

but you don't have to sacrifice your dreams unless you're not pursing them


go for your dream


when u got a job and a apartment - they can visit as much as you can visit them


love transcends all boundaries - just prove it to yourself.

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You can't change the direction of the wind, just trim your sail and make the best of it.


Your life has its own path, and following it doesn't mean you're jumping ship or abandoning anyone. You can love your family and do what you need to do for you at the same time. Its like they say...death is easy, its the tranition thats tough. It'll all work out.



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Every Mum has to get used to it. Children are meant to go, leave the nest. Enjoy your search for schools! I hope you'll get to that one you want the most! :)


And if anything goes wrong... You know you can PM or IM me...

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I know you love her and that is as it should be. But you owe it to yourself to follow your own dreams. They [your mom and Dad] had their chance and they have the results of their dreams.


It is "your' time. It is "your" turn to build the tomorrows you want to live in. Mom will deal with it. It is normal for her to feel like you are running out considering the circumstances. But she doesn't mean it. She'll tell you that later.


Go, blossom and become the most beautiful "you" that you can create. Leaving and building honors both your mother AND your father. They armed you with the tools for life. That is our job as parents.


You deserve to be happy. Go be it.

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