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  1. Rest in peace, brother! :(

  2. Yo! Dude! Where you at???? Happy Birthday, Babe! Hope you out whooping it up!! :)

  3. OMG! Missed you, baby!!!! :D

  4. HI:) Happy Birthday my friend. Hope life is treating you good. Hugs

  5. Where you been? I hope you are having a great time and a great Happy Birthday?

  6. Happppppy Birthddddday Babe!!!! Hugs & Kisses!!!

  7. #LOB World Champs! Defense all day!

  8. Seattle clearly this game is gonna be clash of the titans. And it reminds me of a similar Super Bowl between the Buccaneers and the Raiders. Key matchup being the trenches I think Seattle is gonna rattle Peyton early and force him to make mistakes. However, I wouldnt be upset to see Peyton win another ring, he deserves it. But my heart says 'hawks win. #LOB
  9. 'Winter is Coming'

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    2. C J

      C J

      Is that where all that white stuff came from?? :P

    3. Prince Duchess

      Prince Duchess

      atleast someone caught it

    4. Ron


      Feb 18th I get to see season 3.

  10. The latest season of the series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has sadly come to and end. In what I think was the best season that the series has done yet. For those who haven't seen American Horror Story its a sci/fi horror anthology series based around different aspects of a horror setting. For example the first season was centered around a murder house and the second about an asylum. But each season is kinda like mini series where each character isnt reprised and most times killed off by the end of the season. So they can start a new for the next season. The latest season Coven this ye
  11. I loved the Sherman interview! Everybody got they knickers all in a bunch because of it, I thought the rant was funny. Yes, it took away from the game. But lets be honest what do you honestly expect when you made the play to seal the game. And you been trash talkin all day, this your rival team and a chance to stick it to your college coach again. Sherman had alot going on for him in this game, so when the media approached him directly after the game. He was gonna give alot of raw emotion about anything that just happened. What I didnt like was Crabtree not showing sportsmanship and shakin
  12. Well how about that AFC Championship game. It was good to see Peyton knock down those Pats down to size. And all this talk about the "welker cheapshot" garbage. Look Talib need to get his life right cause theres no way a 5'7" and 150 wide receiver should never knock you out the game. And the Legion of Boom did there thing, just like I knew they would. Superbowl Sunday is gonna have to be a hella game to match Peyton. But I gotta go with the 'hawks I been rolling with this team for the past couple years. Defense is legit they remind me of the old ravens defense. #LOB
  13. Ive been on a serious dancehall/reggae kick here lately http://youtu.be/5_D2wySYktc
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