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Brutal DVD Review: 2012



Wretched, bogus, implausible, horrible, badly written, plastic characters, a circle jerk of chicles, really, really bad science and the worst ending in the history of movies.


Neutrinos that heat up the earths core? The writer should be beaten to death with a physics book.


Fails the science, barely pases for fiction.


Skip it or watch it for computer generated graphics- the best part of the movie.


The CGI is all this crappy, craptacular crapfest has to offer.


Don't be a fool and buy it at retail. Wait till it's on the $5 rack in Walmart before you add this turd to your collection. Better yet, flush it.


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what no one like microwave hot lava!!


enlighten us on the physics!!

o.w. my big mouth bro did say anything

he usually does

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Neutrinos are charge-less inoffensive anti-social particles that don't usually interact with ordinary matter- so much so that they are hard as hell to detect. The idea that solar neutrinos could cause the earths core to heat up is ludicrous in the extreme.


In 1987 a supernova went off in the Large Magellanic cloud. It was named Supernova 1987a. It became a huge scientific gold mine since its the closest supernova in modern times and the only one that we could closely observe with modern instruments.


One of the most important scientific achievements surrounding SN1987A was the detection of its neutrino surge. According to neutrino detectors at several locations around the world the neutrinos arrived at just the right time. In one pulse we received more neutrinos than the sun could dish out in centuries.


No "microwave effect" on the earths core was caused and those neutrinos were at a much higher energy state than solar neutrinos will ever reach. Solar neutrinos are created as a byproduct of the slow fusion reaction at the core of our sun. A B type blue supergiant star imploding and blowing itself into smithereens is in a whole different weight class.

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You forgot to mention how loooooong it is. However, I agree totally, bad movie was bad. The directors and screenwriters responsible should be flogged publicly.


Thanks also for the science, I feel more intelligent for having read it :P

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