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Hehehe, you know, I've been writing a BUNCH of new stuff lately, and every now and then, the characters in my head just seem to go on 'strike'! LOL!


Seriously, they're just being total BRATS right now, and don't wanna do anything interesting for me to talk about! Seriously, I'd say they needed a vacation....if they hadn't already BEEN on vacation for so long! Ah well, just felt like stopping to rant for a bit and say hello. I hardly ever do that at the Cafe any more. ::Giggles::


Love ya lots, and I'll seezya soon!


Back to my 'canvas'! :P

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Hey Comsie:


If I took you to Six Flags, would that help with the BRATS in your head?


Well- if that won't work, here are a few things I used to do to have fun/get in trouble.

  • Skinny dip [highly reccomended!]
  • Drink a little, act silly [tipsy is fun, drunk is too much]
  • Have "danger sex" within a few feet of an authority figure [gawd is that ever hawt]
  • laugh at stoned people
  • become one of the stoned people
  • laugh with the stoned people
  • wake up with the wrong underwear on
  • take shots of the weird stuff that looks like nyquil and tastes like shoe polish called jagermeister
  • go to a pasture party [those who live in rural areas get a keg and party all night in the woods
  • hey, aren't those magic mushrooms???
  • sorry Mr. Vampire- we're all so wasted if you took a drink on an empty stomach, you would probably pass out
  • drunken driving? hey we're dumb, not stupid
  • working on old cars while drinking beer
  • coming home drunk at 3am wearing the wrong shirt and 30-something hickies
  • str8 friends hook you up with a hooker and you end up compairing notes on your str8 friends :blink:
  • somehow you always end up with a drunk, curious str8 guy in your tent
  • you go to sleep with your head in your best friend lap and you wake up with a boner in your ear


hugs to Comsie and all his fans,



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