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Spy vs Family Research Council

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Information is gold. And we need lots of gold these days. Tax exempt church organizations are dumping tons of money into fighting any and all progress made on behalf of GLBT people everywhere.


One of the worst of these is the Family Research Council.


My mission: penetrate the FRC, steal their plans and pass them on to the resistance.


I wasn't sure if I could do it. It took everything I had not to snap their chicken necks or barf at their stupid rhetoric but I managed to get inside.


I'm now on the "President's email list" and am forwarding everything to a journalist that's in a position to expose these asswipes for the bigots they really are.


It's really nauseating to hear these people talk when they think they are among friends. All of their studied rhetoric about "the homosexual and his agenda" becomes "those faggots".


I don't care if they know that they have a leak. They are too stupid to plug it and since I'm a native of the bible belt, I know all the right buttons to push.


To bad the mission is to read their mail and not to do a little wet-work. That used to bother me but I don't think I'd have a problem with it in this case.



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don't have to go face to face... and I'll say no more.


B).....................Welcome Jim, your mission if you chose to accept it will be to retrieve damning evidence against the FRC, any evil organization bent on the destroying outspoken Americans. Please be advised should you be caught the GA will have to disavow any involvement in your actions! Good luck to you and your team!!.....this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds!! :D

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