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Marine Homecoming

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Sometimes you think the world never really changes and then you see a picture like this and remember what it was like coming home from a long deployment and having to hide the joy at seeing the man you love.


Change does happen and it is darn good.

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Trebs sent me a link today about this - well worth reading.



Some amazing things -


1) he's from oakdale! (for those that don't know, Oakdale is a small town near Modesto - my home town - and the town my father lived in when he passed away).

2) he joined the Marines as a fundamentalist christian

3) he wasn't dating the guy in the picture UNTIL the kiss


My favorite quote from the article:


I was a little worried, to be honest. I was afraid that some people’s views of me might change. But that was just my own personal misgiving, a fear I had to overcome. I should have had more faith in my Marines than that. I’m not always right, and I was very glad I was wrong about that.

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