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Problems with the Royal Mail?


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We've been back from our holiday and had the Royal Mail Keepsafe Service (cost £11+) for a week. On our return we had no mail for several days. I rang RM and complained (mail service due to start on Monday, we complained on Thursday.) The following Tuesday we ended up with three pieces of mail, all posted two weeks previously. I rang RM again and said something was definitely wrong, and how far had they got with sorting it out? Was told there were other investigations before ours and it might be some time.


Today I received an email from a magazine publisher saying they had had our monthly subscription returned to them as being undeliverable. Considering the RM has been delivering that magazine for the last 12 months, I'm starting to wonder. I've contacted the RM again (via their website as their offices are closed after 1pm on Saturdays) and I'm waiting their response.


However, has anyone else been in a similar situation with the Royal Mail? IE, complained and then had their mail messed with?

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