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It's Here! Assassin's Creed 3

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AC1 is the best for learning your fighting skills, the rest are pretty easy in my opinion. There is more help to play in the later versions, where AC1 You have to learn the skills properly. As I said just my opinion. I have everything AC :)

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Console, in my opinion, I have one game for my pc, and I don't play it, its a hassle for me. I'd sooner sit down with my contol pad in front of my TV and that's it. But, I'm such an internet junkie, I would slip from playing to wander onto the web. :) Glad you're starting from the first one, :)

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Maybe the PC game can support controllers?


Edit: Just checked out the wiki. There's a lot of spin-offs supposedly.



Should I play them all as well? Or just ACI, ACII and ACIII? Like, on the AC-wiki, there's AC - Brotherhood and Revelations that counts as 'main games'.

So confusing. >.<

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Go for the PC version, but thats just my personal opinion. ;) Each game is seperate and set in different times so the saves dont carry over as far as I know, I dont want to give anything away but you will soon see how they are "linked together" by playing one of them!


I started with AC2 btw and I had no troble following the story or anything.

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It was a really well done game. It's hard to do an ending you've been hyping over 3 games. (See Mass Effect...)

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