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  1. Happy Birthday and we miss you!

  2. Only here I'm tracking # wrinkles and such:p
  3. WHY are people eating laundry pods?! 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Valkyrie


      Natural selection ;) 

    3. Brayon



      jp, its a meme of a thinking Dino with the caption: "What if Tide Pods are just cleaning up the people who should have been stains in the first place?"

    4. Headstall


      Because they're really pod people :hug: 

  4. Thanks for binge reading Morningstar: The Malaise. I hope you enjoyed it! :) 

    1. Sympathia


      I did! I'm a lurker though, so I rarely post anything 🙈

  5. 😊 Its become a tradition to lurk around GA and post a pic every now and then lol!
  6. Sympathia


    I know, I'm a bastard:p
  7. *starts clearing out the dust and stuff* Hi GA :)

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    2. clochette
    3. Slytherin
    4. Ashi


      Hi, the hottest thing in Sweden. Besides PewDiePie.

  8. 15, classmate of mine. ^^ First love is harder...many years later and it didnt end well for me.
  9. The book wasnt THAT bad compared to a lot of fiction released on Dreamspinner or sold on amazon tbh. Personally I kind of enjoyed following Christians development to an actual human being. I do feel that he as a character was a little to..competent in a lot fo areas given his age. But since its a reworked twilight fanfic with long-lived vamps I guess that part was overlooked.
  10. I'm happy here in Sweden, planning to relocate to Malmö in the near future and put down roots there. Great people here. ^^
  11. Hey! is that you there in the pic?

  12. Nothing compares 2 u would have been my choice as well. *sniffle*
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