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It is Thanksgiving and it is wise to list the things that we are grateful for. Though I am not especially wise, I will do it anyway.


It is not THINGS that I am grateful for. As someone who has lost everyTHING and come back, I know that THINGS are transitory. THINGS are fleeting. It is PEOPLE that stay with you. Even in your darkest hour. Even only as a memory. It is LOVE that endures through good and bad.


I am sincerely grateful for and to the PEOPLE in my life. They make it worthwhile and I wouldn't trade them for anyTHING. Thank you. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your patience and thank you, most of all, for your love.


-the biggest turkey you know


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Wonderfully put, :) I couldn't have done any better. If I hadn't found here I don't think I would have been around. I don't want to go back to find out either.

Sorry I couldn't like it I run out of those so fast. :hug:

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Very well said.


I spent Thanksgiving with family and my friend Mike. He can't go to his family's house for lots of reasons so my family are his adopted family. This is the second holiday we've spent together. I'm thankful that I can make him a little less lonely on this day.

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Very, very well said.

Today was the first year that my kids helped with thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing to be teaching them the same recipes that my grandmother had taugth to me when i was young. After dinner my youngest put on a thanksgiving play with some of her stuffed toys, and it was really a wonderful way to end the evening. To be able to sit there in the living room with my two kids, my mother and my best friend/roomie, and laugh and joke together was worth more to me than anything else in the world. They are the ones I am truly thankful for, they make each day worth living.

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