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[Adam Phillips] Twitter? Really?

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So. I basically hate social media. I had a "real" Facebook once before--you know, one with all my real pertinent data, my real name and the names of my friends, and all that other personal shit that manages to leak out to the whole world when you have a Facebook account--but it bored the snot out of me, and I realized I had all the contact with all the offline friends and family I needed to without the use of Facebook. And I had zero interest in becoming a Facebook zombie/addict like the rest of you are. :devil:  So I deleted it, and I haven't missed it.


But it seemed like it might be worthwhile to have an FB page for my readers and group members, on the outside chance they'd want to keep up with me somewhat or keep abreast of my progress with Crosscurrents (and eventually, my other stories). So I created one that included a reasonable amount of "real" stuff and almost no "fake" stuff (surname aside), and posted to it on and off.

But I find FB mostly annoying in even that limited use of it as well, and it's never anything I feel like posting to. So mostly it sits dormant, except for when I wanna message Joe Hayes lol.

I'm keeping it, and I'll make a halfhearted effort to post once in a great while. But...

I used to make great fun of Twitter. I thought Facebook was light and shallow, and Twitter seemed like Facebook Lite. But over the past week, I've seen what Twitter's possibilities are. It works best at catching the ephemeral, what's-up-right-now aspects of our lives. And it struck me that this might even be more interesting and worthwhile for my online friends and readers than my FB page. I could tell you about a great idea I have for an upcoming story. Or what aspect of Crosscurrents is ticking me off too much for me even to look at it. Or what's going on in my life that I'm too dang busy to work on it. Etc. Etc. Ad nauseam.

So, I've launched a Twitter account for my online friends. I'm still not tweeting my in-real-life offline friends. I mean, how stupid. They know how to reach me if they want to know what's up with me. But some of you out there who aren't offline friends, but we enjoy each other's company....or others who I don't interact with but who follow me or read my stuff and who just might want to know where the hell I'm at in the moment with getting a latest chapter finished, or what I think of this or that topic in a more compact format from my usual tomes...this could be right up their alley.

So anyway...it's @AdamPhillips79. You're welcome to follow.

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Twitter is something I held off on for a LONG time as well. However, you'll find most of the publishing houses and authors are using twitter for marketing purposes. It's a way to reach folks when you update a chapter, have a contest, publish something, sign a contract, etc... So if you approach it like you did your author page on facebook, it can be valuable. I'm still learning the system myself, but it seems worthwhile. The best part is the way you can re-tweet messages, and have yours re-tweeted by people easily so your information reaches even an even wider network. I don't go on it all the time or have it linked to my regular accounts though, so it isn't too distracting for me. oh, I'm @AliciaNordwell if you want to follow back. ;)

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