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What happens to pilots that survive Pilot Error?


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I've been trying to search what happen to the Asiana 214 pilots?

Asiana seems to state that the pilots are being retrained


in the movie Flight w denzel washington, the pilot is under suspension pending upon an investigation

I don't think there was pilot error in the movie but FUI is a big no no

I think there was a problem w the plane and radical flying saved lives even w FUI ... 

I would consider him a hero even w FUI


In Asiana 214, both pilots were new to their experiences, one is landing at a specialty airport, and other is being a flight training supervisor. I think Asian needs to rethink their pilot transitioning program. I think everyone would like a pilot that knows how to fly a 777 like the back of their hand. 43hrs doesn't cut it even if he has 9800hrs of flying experience.


I hope their not treating Pilot Error like Reckless Driving overlooking the accident


There seems to be a double standard between Domestic n International pilots. It seems to the opinions of some ppl I hear that International Pilots maybe compromising the integrity of safe flying.


So will Asiana fire the pilots for pilot error or for losing 100 million dollar airplane?


I'd really prefer a pilot that has enough hours to know the 777 like the back of their hand than to have 43hrs not knowing when was the last time he landed a 747 at SF

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