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'Comicality Summer' Starts On A Holiday!


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A happy and respectful Memorial Day to those who celebrate it! And this is our big lead in to 'Comsie Summer' as the site reaches it's SIXTEENTH birthday on June 19th this year! How awesome is that, right?


Anyway...I wanted to let you guys know that there's a brand new ebook available on the Comsie Kindle section tonight! So grab your copy tonight! (Or tomorrow, if you're tired. You know...get your sleep and stuff!) And thanks in advance for supporting me and the site! Every ebook grab is MAJOR help! Believe me!


You can get the new offering as well as many others at http://www.imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality


Cool? Enjoy! And I'll see you guys on Monday night! We've got a LOT to burn through this Summer! ::Nods::

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