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Word Crimes

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So I'm just now catching up on his 8 videos in 8 days, but I definitely couldn't help but think of here when I first saw something about this song :2thumbs:  :2thumbs:  I really love how he basically hits upon every major issue to which grammar Nazis take offense.  I'm saving this video link for anytime that I wish to venture out into the depths of the net! 





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A very catchy and interesting number.  I won't say I don't make some of the same mistakes, because I do, but I also try to catch as many of them as I can.  Unfortunately, the use of the internet has exacerbated the problem, whether the sender is attempting to limit the number of keystrokes he has to enter, making it faster to get his point across or due the limited number of characters that can be used in posting a message.  Whatever the case, I find any movement toward the use of proper grammar commendable. 

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I feel compelled to add that proof reading and editing your message before posting it is also a very highly commendable activity.  I regret that I only indulge in this important function 99% of the time.  The 1% that I neglect is due to time restraints.  It's not possible to type and squeeze at the same time! :P

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