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Okay, so as I posted in the other thread, I was writing a redraft of Narcolepsy and given that changes have been made, I felt another title was appropiate so I decided to make a new thread for the story with a couple of sneak peaks of the now titled See Me which will be out soon in 2015, though not as soon as it would have been, due to metaphorically working from few scraps and basically rebuilding and for that I apologize but I am happier with it and hope you will be too.


Here is a link to the old thread with previous sneak peaks I posted and promised to try to incorporate into the new version even if there are slight alterations, though I don't think there are, I would have to look back to see but I am pretty sure much of them has stayed the same.





Now onto some new sneak peaks from the new version!



Sneak Peak 1



"I can't believe you brought him to my fucking birthday party...of all the things to bring him to." Kane narrowed his eyes at Merit and he crossed his arms. "You already know how I feel about this."

"And you know how I feel about it." Merit sighed. "Why? How come you get to pick everyone who gets accepted and no one else does? It's not fair."

"That's because I don't pick fags to be in our group." Kane waved his hands out, wanting to yell at Merit but he kept his voice calm. "Don't you get that? Bring Miki into the group, I'd find a way to be cool with it, nothing wrong with her, other than the fact that she hangs out with that bitch, China...and I could even deal with her better than Emry, anyone, but him!" He sighed, his voice slightly raised by the end of it.

"Asia..." Merit frowned as he corrected Kane. "I...don't know what else to say...I just don't."

"Guys..." Justin walked over to the pool table that was located in a recreation room that lead right off from the large living space where the actual party was being held. He looked between Merit and Kane.

"What is your problem with it? You know, Kane...basic psychology...someone who has that big of a problem with it...has some kind of issue with it themselves, aside from just hating people like that. I mean you hate Asia so fucking bad, but you'd accept her before Emry?" Merit shook his head. "I'd start really thinking..."

Kane's eyes widened and he grabbed a pool stick. "Do you really want to finish that? Do you want to take this in that fucking direction?! Because I'm telling you right now, I'd advise against it!"

"Guys!" Justin screamed and both Kane and Merit looked at him. He sighed and looked over at Kane. "You'll be happy to know..." He then looked at Merit. "And you'll be unhappy to know...that when Asia sees Emry...she is going to kick his fucking ass."

"Why?" Merit asked.

"Follow me and find out." Justin turned around and headed off.



Sneak Peak 2



He headed over to a couple of outcasts who were known to play chess at lunch every day, and without so much as a falter in his step, he observed the board as he approached. His tongue rolled and he leaned down, from parted lips, a pink bubble bloomed as he took the king and made a move, knocking the queen out.

The bubble burst and his tongue rolled out and circle, taking the gum back in and he grinned, stealing the queen piece. He shifted from his lean and walked around the table and headed over to one of the circular tables in the far corner where Trillian stood up, almost as if in honor of his approach.

Emry grinned and brought a hand around the back of Trillian's neck and he pulled him close and kissed him while sending a foot back, kicking a chair out, letting Trillian go as he fell back into the chair and he clasped his hands over his stomach as Trillian reclaimed his own seat.

"Oh man...Talia...if you don't take advantage of this...man...after all Asia has done..." Kane laughed. "She must of not been putting out!"

"I don't go to Asia's level." Talia shook her head.

Emry grinned at Trillian and his head shifted off to the side, seeing Asia and Miki staring at them and Asia looked as if her eyes could pop out of her head. That was when Emry laced his foot through the strap of Trillian's back pack and yanked it towards him. He leaned down and reached inside, his eyes remained focused on Asia.

"Oh that's it!" Asia stood up and headed towards the table. "Now what the fuck is this?! Fucking around at a party and now humiliating me?!" She looked at Trillian. "And what's wrong with you?!"

"Nothing is wrong with me..." Trillian looked up at Asia.

Emry pulled an X-Box 360 controller out of Trillian's back pack. "Asia...you know...I figured I would give you this..." He held it out. "Since...I got a better joystick to play with and all...Might not be as big...but at least it has two."

Asia looked at Emry. "You do not want to get me pissed off...I'll send you into an attack so fast..."

"Ah..." Emry lifted his other hand, waving his finger at her. "And if I die? Might be considered murder...I'd at least get some legal advice first." He stuck his arm out, offering the controller. "Until then...enjoy."

She glared at him and slapped the controller out of his hand and it hit the wall. She spun around and headed back towards her table.

"Next one...incoming." Trillian said, trying to make his voice sound like it was coming over a walkie talkie, even cupping his hands around his mouth and making static sounds.

"Emry!" Merit walked over. "First! You're lucky she didn't kick your ass! And second...what are you doing?"

He looked over at Merit. What was he doing? Why had he made the decision he made? For the same reason he chose to do what he did at the party, attention. "Well...I was giving Asia new joysticks to play with. Now I'm talking to you..."

Merit started to speak up again until Kane and the others approached the scene and Emry smiled. "Oh look...the whole gang is here." His gaze shifted towards Trillian. "It happened just like you said it would."



Sneak Peak 3



Emry brought his hands up as he was prevented from flipping pages any further.


"Dolph liked me, I always knew he did, but he was such a great friend to me that I couldn't imagine him being anything more. And...I was crushing on you, so..."

Liam closed his eyes. "Right...and this goes to Merit..."

"Well, he wasn't you, but he was just as popular, not a bad substitute, he was a stranger to me, and it was a stressing time and having someone care..that felt good. Plus he was as new to everything as me, which was a surprise, but it felt good, what felt even better was that he was a little more nervous about it than me, yet confident enough to push."

Liam sat back and tossed this around in his head, trying to figure out a way to simplify it. "So, in a way...it was just an exciting first time experience, first kiss...and then..."

"And then nothing, we kissed...it was innocent." Emry shrugged. "And then I thought about when you visited me in the hospital and I came to see you and...you...with you, I got to experience the sexual side of it...and you made me feel incredibly wanted. I mean...you wanted me to worship you...and I did, I fed your ego and in turn it fed mine because just knowing I was pleasing you...made me feel so good, I loved watching you feel good."

Emry suddenly drew in a gasp of air.

Liam looked alarmed and quickly leaned forward. "Emry?" Hell, he wasn't sure, every time Emry did something like that, he would think some kind of attack was about to come on.

"Sorry..." Emry leaned forward. "And as I spoke of that...and as I thought of it...I became aroused again."

Liam slowly leaned back. "You are?" He started to look down. "Right now?"

"No...the awkwardness made it go away." He frowned.

"Okay...so aside from awkwardness, there is still something." He said in a hopeful tone.

"Except...I feel nothing for you, it all went away after that, I didn't feel anything until I talked about what we did..." Emry expressed.

"So...you're saying...you can have the sex with me?"

"I haven't even wanted to, the feelings went away just like they went away with Merit. That only happened because I was talking about it." He brought his hands up towards his face and rather than covering it, he pressed his palms together. "I guess that means...if we are to have anything...I have to be put in the mood."

"Okay..if that is your guess." Liam stared at him. "And Dominik?"

"There was so much sympathy." He looked up. "After seeing him, finding out everything that was done to him. I took his clothes and put them in the wash, then I took him to my shower and we talked and...I wanted, I felt like he had no one and I wanted to be someone and I became someone." He looked up at Liam.

"Those feelings are still there, knowing he is all alone, has no one, I feel this need to take care of him, to love all of his pain and hurt away, to keep him and..." He lowered his hands. "I don't know what I'm going to feel next, this is just how I feel now, about you...and Merit...and Dominik."

"Maybe you'd have a hell of a perfect guy if we were all mashed up into one." Liam managed a smile. "At least it's good to know that you aren't completely numb to me."

"And I don't ever want to be, at least not right now." He shut the book and sighed. "Now I'm scared that I'll feel for people and then become numb to them. For whatever reason I feel, if that reason goes away, I lose what I feel." He looked up. "What if that is how it is for me?"

"Don't think like that." He reached across the table and took Emry's hand. "I just need to know where we go next, where am I in the scheme of things? What is our next move?"

He looked down at their hands and then he shrugged. "It's not the same as with Merit. I feel like I would be cheating on Dominik, I feel like he is this gentle fragile soul that is cracked and came so close to breaking, I just want to take care of him."

"You need time...I understand." Liam nodded. "I can give you that time."

Emry smiled. "I don't want you to be alone." He slowly pulled his hand back. "Lunch is about to start and I don't even know where to go."

"Why not go to Dolph? You've got the time...fix a friendship that you cared so much about, one that you would of remembered had Merit and I not changed your life or made you confused or...whatever we did."

Emry nodded. "That's probably a good idea." He pushed the book away and stood up. "Thanks for having this conversation with me, I think it was important that we did and...I don't think it's the end, not yet." He turned around and headed off and away from the table.

"Hopefully not." Liam watched him go off and then he looked down at the book and his eyebrows lifted and a grin appeared. "Witchcraft For Warcraft.." He picked it up and opened it, looking inside the cover. "When your lover is addicted, maybe real magic is the way out..." He looked up and quietly started to laugh and walked off.

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And I have almost completed the story. Very close and for your viewing pleasure, I'll share two brief sneak peaks!



Scene 1



Asia sat on the edge of the thick wall that lined the steps and she stared at Merit who sat beside her, she briefly glanced at the crowd as they made their way to school, arriving, parking, trying to find their friends to connect real quick, while others simply rushed to class.

"Asia? Attention...please." Merit's eyebrows lifted.

"Are you giving me orders?" Asia looked at him. "Just ask the question."

"Okay, someone being from your background, I say that respectfully, do you ever feel like anyone was ever jealous of you getting such an expensive gift? Do you ever feel bad that it came from your grandmothers death?"

Asia slightly narrowed her eyes. "Basically you're asking me if I'm happy with my car." She grinned. "Here's the deal, I decided to celebrate my grandmothers life, she wouldn't want me crying, especially with my birthday and getting such a gift from the money she worked so hard for."

Merit's eyebrows lifted. "I thought it was life insurance money."

Her eyes shifted to the side. "Uh...yeah, but she worked hard for the money that paid for her life insurance." Her grin returned. "But then here's the deal, my Aunt thinks she is the Queen of the fucking world, tells me she bought me that car just because my grandmother would want me to have something nice."

 Merit was quickly writing down notes, though he was finding it hard not to just stare at Asia and listen to such a story.

"What happens next? She takes all the money away and tells me I can't have anymore of it, that I'll spend it, like I'm a stupid bitch. I got so fucking mad, I stabbed my birthday cake with the cutting knife and called her a bitch."

His jaw slacked as his mouth slightly fell open. "Uh...and how did that go?"

"Well, then she said I was a gold digging spoiled brat that didn't even mourn. I told her she could be sad and cry her eyes out all she wants, I said, why don't you fucking melt down and fall to your knees right here? I'm celebrating my grandmothers life and what her hard earned life insurance bought for me, the money that you're stealing from me. Then I told her I should run her over with that car."

Merit's eyebrows lifted and he felt as if the shocked and odd facial expression was frozen on his face as he jotted a few quick notes down. "Wow...you two don't get along." He looked up at Asia.

"No fucking kidding." She shook her head. "She told me she wished I would just tap her with the bumper of the car, said if I so much as pushed her over with it that she'd be glad to send me off to jail, tells me that on my fucking birthday."

"So, how does it end? And uh...has there been anymore issues with her since?" Merit asked.

"I told her it was my birthday cake and she couldn't have a slice, she steal my money, I steal her piece of cake, that made her mad enough to leave. Haven't spoken to her since, but my poor dad pure begs her for some of the money, even if he just needs a little bit for groceries and that evil bitch accuses him of lying."

Merit looked down at his phone, checking the time. "Okay...well, at least we crunched some time in, I think I'll be late for first period no matter how fast I am."

Asia rolled her eyes and waved a hand. "Who fucking cares, hell I'd be late on purpose just to interrupt the teacher." She grabbed her purse and slid off the cement wall that lined the grand stair case and headed up the steps, having lost track of Miki since she agreed to crunch some time in with Merit before first period.






Scene 2


The teacher picked up the corner that broke off his desk and he sighed, tossing it in the trash. "Uh...Emry, come up next?"

Emry looked up and he pulled out his paper from beneath the cover of his English book and he got up and headed towards the front of the class.

"Don't faint..." One guy whispered and a girl near by giggled.

"Maybe he'll do the jerky dance instead." The girl whispered a moment later.

Emry reached the front of the class and he stopped, and suddenly, he did want to faint, he wanted to disappear. He had gone for what seemed like a while without the teasing and the jabs, he should of known it would happen during a public presentation.

"Feeling light headed?" One guy finally said out loud.

"Enough." The teacher looked at the one guy.

"Why don't you all just shut up?" Athen spoke up. "You all think it's funny? What if it were you?" He stood up. "How about if you fainted in front of a car? Would that be funny?" He then looked at the girl. "Or the jerky dance? Really? You know if he does it for five minutes or longer he has to go to the hospital? Yeah, because something bad could happen, and you all think it's a joke."

Emry closed his eyes, wanting to cry as Athen defended him, not understanding why he would bother. Why did he care? He got what he wanted, Lana was gone, he didn't have to be nice. Emry slowly turned around, tears already staining his face.

"Look!" Athen waved his hand towards Emry. "Is that funny?!"

Emry looked around, everyone went quiet. "Funny what happens when someone popular speaks up..." He looked down and then suddenly crushed the paper in his hands and he turned around and looked at the teacher. "There's my assignment." He tossed it to the floor in a crumbled mess right beside where Asia had thrown Merit's paper.

"Emry...wait." Athen spoke up.

He turned around and looked at Athen. "Play someone else's super hero, don't use me to get rid of your guilt." He then walked off and around the row of desks to the door and pushed through it and rushed out of the class room and off down the hall, wiping at his eyes.

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Very interesting story, can't wait to read the whole thing. If I might add, pretty good writing too :*)


Thank you so much! It should be done pretty soon and I hope it'll have a good turn out, again thank you so much for the response and the kind words, I'm glad you like what you've seen so far.

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