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Happy Birth Day The_Jordanator

Emi GS

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                 HAPPY     ONE     DAY    















           I hope you will have a great day! :)  

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                    :D             :D   Happy Birthday, Jordan        :D                       :D


          I'm a little early, but I hope it's a great one and may you enjoy many, many more! 

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Hey there! Jordan, if you stop by you will see all of these posts. These should tell you that you are missed and cared about. Yes, you roughfulled a few(a lot of) feathers, but you made your peace and carried on. Your enthusiasm and new ideas added life to the party here. I think you went away from your last two entries, thinking we didn't care. Don't forget you see it from the 17 side, we as a group from the 20s to 60s plus side. We just weighted it differently, maybe for that I should apologize. None of us are perfect and all deserve a second chance. Anyways I just wanted to...


Wish You


:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :music: The_Jordanator :music::wizard:  :wizard:  :wizard: 


A Very Happy Birthday!!!









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