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Billy Chase 416 Continues The Binge!

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Of course I do! I read everything when I can. I don't always reply, because if I did that I wouldn't have time to write new chapters and people would throw rotten tomatoes at me for taking so long. :P


But I read them.


I just really hope that you keep in mind that (A) It's just a fictional story, and I deliberately put obstacles and conflicts into it for "Billy" to face and learn from in a 'story' sense. It's supposed to make for a good story. And (B)...he's a teenager. He's experiencing all of these things for the first time and dealing with them the best that he knows how. He's never had a committed boyfriend before, or a zit, or a Summer job, or more than a few sips of alcohol. As adults we can look back and say "He's so stupid and frustrating and annoying and I HATE him for making poor choices!", but he's a kid. That's why I sometimes step in and say, "Jesus Christ, give the poor kid a break and let him learn on his own." Some readers are really unfairly HARSH when it comes to this series, and I just ask them to remember what it was like to be his age. We weren't perfect either, you know?  


I wanted the story to reflect that. It's not meant to frustrate and annoy anybody. It's meant to be a realistic expression of how it was for a LOT of gay teens growing up. Not all, but a lot. So...I definitely read the comments. All feedback is good feedback. :) I just think that you might enjoy the series more if you relaxed a bit on poor Billy and tried to see things from his angle every once in a while.

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Hey I think I was pretty nice and understanding to Billy in my review this time. Though I admit there are times when that boy just exasperates me. It's funny, of all your characters, he's the one that probably causes the most knee-jerk reactions in me. But generally I try to be understanding of him. I think his general courage in standing up to his mother about his sexuality and relationship with Brandon has been one of his better character evolutions.



Oh also, I certainly don't mind that you don't leave replies to reviews, I just know that you're generally much more active on the shack forum and stuff than here on GA. So I was just hoping that you do see responses and know people are reading and appreciative of your hard work.


Thanks as always for sharing your talents with us.

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Brandon thinks Billy is just....delicious! :wub:

But...it might be time for Brandon to step up to the plate and put Jimmy in his place. Oddly enough, Jimmy owes him one.

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