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Prompt #562 - Creative

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You thought you had your life all figured out. Then your best friend and his partner were killed in a plane crash. You get the call in the middle of the night, asking you to pick up the children. It seems they named you guardian of the kids. What do you do?

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A House Full



“Babe… babe….” Gethin shook his husband harder, then sighed softly as the man he loved rolled over and dragged him down into the warm softness of the duvet. “C’mon sweetie, let go. I can’t come back to bed.”

“Huh? Geth….”

“Wake up, Marc. I need to tell you something.” Gethin clenched his jaw, his mind still reeling from the details of the phonecall he’d received. Marc slept deeply, and the vibration of Gethin’s mobile hadn’t even made him stir. “Marc!”

“I’m up, I’m up!” Marc glared at the clock. “What fucking time is it?”

“Don’t matter babe. I gotta go to the hospital.”

“What? what’s going on Gethin?”


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