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There's a story posted on GA I read a while ago. I can't remember the main characters name, but I do know he was involved with a military student by the name of Mike. They had a hot and cold relationship. There's was also an English foreign exchange student who he liked, but he had a hard time because he wasn't sure if the guy was gay or not. He acted jealous whenever he saw him with Mike. There was a part when Mike had cadets sing while they ran and asked him out. Mike had a confrontation and got banned from going back to the fraternity. The last chapter I read, the English dude confronted the main character because the fraternity he wanted to get into rejected him, and he thought he had something to do with it. If anyone can tell me the name of the story, it would be greatly appreciated. 



I'm so stupid. I remembered the name as soon as I hit submit. It's the English Year by Jwolf.

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