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It's not political...it's moral...


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A short educational film from 70 years ago...



A news report from this past Tuesday...




This isn't a politically motivate post. This is a MORAL post. People can be disgusting. For no other reason than they feel a need to hate someone in order to make themselves feel better about their own existence. If you're reading this right now...if you're gay, or bi, or lesbian, or trans, or even just straight but tolerant of the rest of us...make no mistake...THEY - WILL - COME - FOR - YOU!!! Research the folks who are pushing this. You don't fit their definition of normal. So if you stand by and let it happen...expect hat knock to come to your door too.


We have centuries worth of history to educate us on how this story turns out. Please...stay awake. Not because Comsie told you so. Do your own research. But see this for what it is, and...know that it won't stop at the US borders.


It's a game. And we don't have to play.


Sorry. I won't say another word. But this is getting more disgusting by the day. I'll erase this post if asked. Promise.


But I spoke up. And I wish more people could do the same.


This is JUST my opinion, and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else on this site.

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((Hugz)) I understand, dude! I really do! And the more passionate side of me wants t yell and scream and curse about this kind of thing until my lungs give out. Believe me. And there have been times when I lost my cool and have blown my top in the past.


BUT...it won't work. And I realize that. I have a voice that can be used to enlighten, inspire, and influence...but not control. I don't even WANT that responsibility. I want to do good tings, and get people to think for themselves. Once that happens, a major part of this world bullshit will melt away. Don't follow ME...hear my side and the opposition's side and discover what makes more sense to you. That's what people need to learn.


A vast majority of humanity has LOVE and sympathy in their hearts. When all the bullshit and the propaganda and the peer pressure melts away...they KNOW what's right. And what's hurtful and wrong. They KNOW it. And that will win the day in the end. Every time.


But I don't want to push an agenda. I just want people to ask themselves the right questions, and ultimately reach the right answers. Deep down...they know 'evil' when they feel it. And they're ashamed. That's why they don't speak it openly. That's why the most inhuman acts are done in secret, and not where others can see it. But things are changing. And it will get harder and harder for people to defend with anger and hatred.


Until then, I'll just put the truth out there and let it do it's job. People can find it at their own pace, you know?

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LOL! Well, I've had a past that sort of drives me in that direction. But it really isn't anything special. Or...it SHOULDN'T be.


I just think people's perspective should change. They've lost the feeling of 'reward' when it comes to helping other people. So...why should they waste the time? That's how some people feel. It's sad. People are afraid to help others, other people are afraid to say thank you when they do...both sides lose. It's stupid.


Things need to change.


Thanks so much, though! Pay it forward! Giggles!

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I was just thinking along these lines earlier. The question : Why won't people help?




Fear of getting pulled into something they can't handle. 

Fear of reprisals by an overreaching government.

Fear of duplicitous criminals that take advantage of your good nature.

Fear of not knowing what is right to do and what is 'wrong' to do.

Fear, fear, fear . . .


Those that control fear control us. 

The only thing that can destroy fear is love. 


We need to love one another as we love ourselves. If you are a homeless fourteen year old you'd be crying (literally) for help! If you are a 40-something year old in a position to help you need to help that fourteen year old you.


How to you get into a 'position' to help? 


Find a need. Learn about it through research on the Internet which makes things dead simple. Fill that need!


Gay retired people are always asking me: "What can I do with myself now?"

I tell them to go to the LGBT Youth center and do stuff that they need to have done! Go to the AIDS crisis center and help out there. Become an advocate for the homeless and the drug addicted in our neighborhood.


There are literally a million things that need doing when time is finally given back to you from being a Wage Slave all your life!


Etc, Etc. PSA done.

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