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ISO of Beta reader for romance multi book series


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Looking for  couple of beta readers. Working with an editor and beta reader before,. Looking for reasonable turn around but willing to go at editors pace as long as theirs communication back and forth.  Looking for help with grammar and spelling corrections where needed.  Open to hearing any ideas from beta reader on improving  the story, nothing I write is set in stone :) Have the rest of book one done, which is about 10 more chapters of reading.  I tend to use google docs, because its quite easy to share but I can save it to any type that the editor needs :)  Fine with in line edits or comments, which ever is easier. Thanks! 


“I am sorry my lockness but, I need to get ready it's little past seven and I need to be at the bar by eight for practice with the boys. We will have to put this on hold til tonight my sexy little minx!”


With that I get one more deep kiss before he lifts the tray and walks off. My eyes finding his tight muscled ass in those oh so tight briefs. Heaven help me I think I have awoken a monster.  I get lost in that thought for a couple more moments before it suddenly clicked. I could feel the blush heading to my cheeks.


“You jerk! How many times do I have to tell you do not call me lockness!”


Only response was his deep chuckle coming from the kitchen, I missed this closeness, the special memories we shared, the intimacy between us. Only bad thing is I can’t stop my heart from wanting him more and more, and I am not sure I am strong enough to have it broken a second time!



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