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New Literature Genre: LitRPG

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Has anyone heard of LitRPG? I know I've read a couple of fantasy pieces, that was sorta game like, and I had planned on doing a premium story for GA set in an Online Gameworld. But, this is the first I've heard of a whole new genre dedicated to it. From what I'm read, its a full narration of a gameworld, with both in-game, and out-of-game characters and scenes. Discussions on leveling up, gaming power, etc. occur in the story as well.


Personally, I like the idea, and format of it.

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According to Wikopedia litrpg has been recognised as a genre since 2013. I did a search with Duckduckgo, which doesn't have anything like the reach of Google, and there were stacks of results - authors, websites, even the top 20 litrpg novels on Goodreads.

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