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Re-Asking A Past Question For Imagine

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I think that a lot of folks were in a bad place when I originally asked this question for a future issue of Imagine magazine, both here and on the Shack. Which is understandable. It can drag painful memories to the surface and can be a difficult thing to talk about. But, seeing as the articles in Imagine were made to inform and inspire, I hope to get some heartfelt responses to the whole 'heartbreak' question. It is something that we all experience or soon will, after all. SO...if you guys have any comments on this, let me know! I'd be interested to hear more. Cool?





Loving someone and exposing the most vulnerable parts of your heart and your soul...only to be betrayed or rejected later, can be a devastating experience. God knows that I've channeled a great deal of heartache and pain into my stories on this site. And let me tell you, it doesn't get any easier. If you think you're going to be able to build up a tolerance to having someone simply 'not love you'...good luck with that. If you ever figure out that formula, put it in a bottle and sell me a case of it. K?


So tell us of a significant broken heart situation in your life. What happened? Were you in a relationship at the time? Were you cheated on? Did things just...go astray? How old were you? Was it your first crush? How did you get over it? DID you get over it at all? Maybe it was a relationship that simply didn't work out. Maybe it wasn't a relationship at all. Maybe it was somebody you had serious feelings for...but they weren't gay. Or unavailable, or promised to someone else, or simply not interested.


Whatever your thoughts are on the heartbreak you've all faced in your lives...feel free to put it here and relieve yourself of the burden. Talk about it. Why not? You know?


Interested to see what you guys have to say on this one! I'll add two or three heartbreaks of my own and give details when I get a chance!


Just know that you are loved. And the 'real thing' takes time. Just remember that, and never give up the hope that you'll eventually find someone to love you the way you deserve to be loved. K? That person is out there. And they're lonely too...

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Hehehe, a few songs that, if you play them when I'm heartbroken...TEARS every time! LOL! Just a few of many, believe me. Certain songs just tap into the heartbreak center of my brain, I guess! Feel free to add a heartbreak song of your own below! :: Sniffles :: :P





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