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Geography #2

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Continuing the game started by @Andy78




With the popularity of "Word Chain", I thought I'd see if this game will take off as well.


The rules are basically identical to "Word Chain" except we use towns and cities instead of words.


Rules (for clarification):


1. We start with a town/city

2. The next player takes the last letter of the town/city and uses it as the first letter of the next town/city

3. Play continues until no towns/cities are found that will match

4. Keep the English language -- towns/cities have a different names in their local language (such as Anvers and Antwerpen for Antwerp, and Venezia for Venice)

5. Towns/cities cannot be repeated twice (or more) in a row

6. Please provide the name of the country your answer is from 


For example: 


Town/city 1: New York (USA)

Town/city 2: Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Town/city 3: Albertville (France)



Second game:


Melbourne, Australia 

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