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  1. I don’t like extreme temps either. When I’m feeling cold, nothing beats hot chocolate. Just saying... While it hasn’t been overly warm, it is warmer than normal temps for me - 10C/51F. Have to say though, the guy down the street was wearing shorts while he was cleaning his truck bed, which seemed to be pushing it if you ask me.
  2. I’ve heard that, too. I’ve left the back gate open hoping the pair of foxes around here - I’ve only see one, but my neighbour has seen two - will investigate this new space and leave their scent behind, but so far, no luck. There is an outdoors store that sells it, so that’s also something I’ve been thinking about trying.
  3. Moth Balls we don’t have, and we tried cayenne pepper, but they scoffed at that. This particular pair must like spicy food. 😒
  4. I wondered about that as an option, so thanks for the tip on how to do it. I do believe we have enough that I could try this. Will have to be Wednesday, though because we’re supposed to get two days of rain/snow, which I’m hoping will keep the squirrels from scampering around on the roof. It’s amazing how loud those little critters can get just running around.
  5. What I need is something like that I can wrap around the trunks of the trees - there are two of them - they use to get up to the roof.
  6. There’s a local Outdoors store that sells fox urine, which raccoons really don’t like, but I thought living the gate open would be cheaper. I’m hoping the resident fox is curious enough to come in and leave his scent behind. So far, he’s playing coy...
  7. Tried the Epsom salts, but they didn’t work. I read vinegar is a deterrent, so I’ve been buying cleaning vinegar (10% acetic acid vs. cooking vinegar which has 5%) to mark the trees they climbed to get to the roof and the large half circle of dead grass where they marked “their” territory. That works well, but it always needs redoing after it rains. Sadly, this doesn’t stop the squirrels...
  8. I feel your pain, Chris. 12:43 a.m. and I’m in the same boat as you. *sigh* Oh, and discovered yet another roof shingle has been ripped off by a bloody raccoon. Grrrr!
  9. I’m just about to, so my motor has been parked in neutral the last while. And with that, I bid you all a good night. The sweetest of happy dreams when your time comes... xoxo
  10. We don’t - and won’t judge you - Sherye. Being kind and respecting each other is what we’re all about in the DiC, and from where I sit you fit right in.
  11. No worries. Keeping that inside doesn’t do you any good, so rant when you need to.
  12. The daughter sounds as if she hasn’t got a clue and lives in her own little world.
  13. Good evening, rick. I hope you have a nice holiday tomorrow. As for me, the day is winding down, so I’m going to read for a bit before going to bed. Good night DiCers. The sweetest of happy dreams when your time comes...
  14. Maybe so, but I think you’ll look back on this holiday fondly, because you made it special, because you are both important enough to not let the holiday go by unnoticed. Have a great day the both of you with fond memories of those not with you.
  15. Hoping for negative test results for you and yours.
  16. You do realize, when you say “stop laughing” it only makes people laugh more, right?
  17. We got one of those from the neighbour’s young daughter as a surprise gift, and I’ve seen quite a few displays of these rocks when I’m out for my daily walk.
  18. I admit to being one of just 1000s - from all over the world - who subscribes to the YouTube channel “Chunk the Groundhog”. His table manners may be atrocious, but he sure is cute. During the night camera scenes an opussum visits to partake in the feast set out by ‘Farmer Jeff’.
  19. Finding something new you like to do is a good way to fill the hours - and hone a new skill. Without COVID, I probably wouldn’t have discovered how much satisfaction I derive from taking care of the garden and yard. Then again, getting to play with new toys - the leaf blower/mulcher has been fun. PS: tim, I really like your new craft, and that you’re making something for your nephew makes it that more special. Oh, and those Christmas balls are really cool, too.
  20. They are around here, that I know, but as Im pretty sure they are nocturnal, I don’t think I’ll get to see one in the flesh. Oh well...
  21. My neighbours have spotted the fox catching squirrels, but nothing else so far. I’ve seen squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and now foxes. I wonder what I’ll see next? 🤔
  22. I thought of that l, but then I thought “what if that encourages the raccoons?” Just going to have to leave it to him venturing in out of curiosity.
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