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xbox 360 games suggestions


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Hi all gamers.

I recently got an xbox 360 from a friend that was moving back to Europe. I was more of a PC player, rpgs and strategy, but got all Dragon Age for my birthday. As I finished these ones now, I am looking for suggestions of a game to buy. I am not a heavy gamer (don't play everyday) so will probably just  buy one or two. Anything good? I was thinking of looking to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition, but I want opinions or other suggestions. IF there is a good one for xbox 360, a final fantasy is also an option. I am more of fantasy guy (I am always a mage), but also liked KOTOR and Starcraft games back when I played on the PC. What should buy?



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You'll have to adjust the filters... I'd recommend System= xbox 360, Game Genre = Roleplaying, then once you have the list... click on ratings to sort the best to the top.



There are links to buy and other media.  Gives you tons of options.



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Considering Skyrim is STILL (unfortunately) the most recent standard RPG in elder scrolls, I would highly recommend it.  It was popular enough that they redid it for the new generation of console...and then VR...and then, I'm sure there's something they'll redo it for haha.  If you liked the Dragon Age games, it's a very in-depth option that will play for ages.


If you like sci-fi style, the Mass Effect series remain one of my favorite sets of games (they have "bionics" that are similar to mage play).  Karpyshyn, who did a lot of writing for Bioware including KOTOR, was the lead writer on this.  If you like to dabble in shooters, The 3x COD Modern Warfare games remain one of my favorite stories for a shooter series (which I know may seem strange since shooter games having stories seems odd, but my nostalgia at least still remembers it as great).   

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