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Imagine Magazine #60 Is Live! :)


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What's up, everybody?

Yes! We're a day early with the newest release of Imagine Magazine! I hope you guys don't mind! Hehehe! Brand new chapters of your favorite stories from MrM, Talo Segura, Lindon Weztser, Julian Taylor, Juju, Sean E, and the rest of the Imagine Family! As well as a few goodies from yours truly! And also...The Shack's '14th Annual Random Cake Holiday' is coming up on May 28th! So get yourselves something sweet, and take a moment to appreciate yourselves for all the good things you've done between now and then! Cool? :)

Enjoy! And be sure to hit that green button at the bottom of the screen to let the authors know that you love them!

Seezya soon!

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