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There's been some weirdness going on that I tried to fix this weekend...


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I think I got them all. ::Fingers Crossed::

Now, I'm not computer savvy enough to really understand what happened, but a bunch of my ebooks were suddenly showing up as 'incomplete' in terms of publishing. The books were live, but in certain states/countries they weren't showing up as being available. And it had something to do with pricing (I'm guessing?). I don't know, but I went through every single ebook and made sure that they were all published and searchable on Amazon. There were about ten or eleven that went weird on me, but I fixed them all. There should be two or three more popping up tonight or tomorrow, and I'll add those direct links down below in the replies. 

So if you've had any problems whatsoever finding one of these ebooks, try these links. If they still don't show up for you, please let me know at Comicality@shackoutback.net and I'll see if I can grab you another link or something.

Alright, gotta run! Be back soon! 

On The Outside: Book One
On The Outside: Book Two

Walker Road 

Give It To Me Straight 

Gone From Daylight: Rogue Angel

Gone From Daylight: Resurrection

Rotting Apples 

Daydreams & Lullabyes Vol. 2

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