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Underrated - Brady Farrar

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Okay! So, to start with, Brady first took an interest in dancing when he was five years old. He was born in Miami, Florida on January 19th, 2005. Brady has trained in lyrical, tap, ballroom, and ballet dancing, to name just a few disciplines. He is most noted for becoming a Gold Medalist at the Youth America Grand Prix in 2016, and for appearing on Season 8 of Dance Moms alongside his mother, Tricia Farrar. Brady is the second-eldest of three boys; he is very supportive of his older brother, Bennett, who is openly gay. In 2014, he earned several accolades including the Mini Male Best Dancer of the Year award at The Dance Awards and the Young Male Dancer of the Year award at the American Dance Awards. Later, in 2017, Brady was cast in the film Gender Roles & Artistic Ability, a film about breaking down gender stereotypes. His favorite band is Queen, and his most memorable encounter with a fan was when a girl fainted after she saw him. (Totally understandable, hehehe!)  :P  This young man is definitely someone to watch for the future!  :D














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