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Puppy for Sale 2

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Hello everyone,

Shameless plug here but anyone who enjoyed Puppy for Sale, well, I wrote a sequel a few months ago. It needs a polish up but will be ready to upload after the first story is complete. 

Going to set a date, maybe August 5th? Yeah lets do that! (he hopes) 🙄

Be really interested to get your views on it as it was the first story I wrote in 6 years. Eeeeek 😇

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14 hours ago, Gary L said:

Like Godfather 2 I think the sequel is even better.  Both are great stories.  

You flatter me. Thank you. I'm glad it got the seal of approval from the readers including yourself. It seemed to go down well which was great. It's also nice to be in a position to self edit. 

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