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  1. Gary L

    Chapter 1

    A really great short story, great writing and leaves you asking yourself the questions which the author cleverly implants. 5*****.
  2. Gary L

    Three Mistakes

    Sooo quimishly funny. In my top three current series. I love these two. Thanks 😊
  3. Gary L

    Chapter V

    Going along v nicely. Painting a long-gone Tolstoyen (?) world.
  4. Gary L

    J.J. v2.0

    The previous chp left me a bit disappointed but, boy, this chp is brilliant. I shouldn’t have doubted MR A. the description of JJ’s personality and skills is just perfect. and now for lunch…… 🤗
  5. 100% wrinkles - out and proud! Public or private?
  6. Fantasy read. Phew. I love how you get to the emotional angle so well. Great story.
  7. Gary L

    Chapter 3

    Im intrigued as to how they could get the funding…..
  8. Gary L

    The Big Apple

    Another great chp. Scenes in NYC are vividly described. Well done 👍
  9. Many thanks! I LOATH Google and it’s gmail demanding so much unnecessary info but I needed to eliminate a work account. Thanks Myr x
  10. I need to change my email address but can’t see where in profile. Can you help, please. Thanks
  11. I Knew the science would be back to haunt me 😱😱😱😱😱
  12. Macular D is horrible. My mother lost her sight in one eye in less than a few days. My partner has the beginnings of it at 60. A realistic tale.
  13. The Donna Leon collection is superb. I was lucky enough to get a grant to visit Venice at 17 and again years later on a crisp February day - virtually no tourists - breathing in the air of this, frankly, surreal village-city. Watch “Don’t look now” to get another scary view. PS Thanks for all these reviews. V enjoyable
  14. Yes, that’s what scares me! I’m really enjoying this love story/thriller. Regards from a v stormy Valencia, Spain. It’s pis…g down right now (18.30 CET)
  15. GREAT FUN! And no big words that I can’t understand 😛though I fear next chp will challenge me! I’m really enjoying this book. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  16. This is the perfect antidote after 7 hours of classes. Good fun! 🤗
  17. Gary L

    Chapter 22

    Totally agree, a great comment 👍
  18. Thank you. You guys do all the work. I lie on my bed after work chilling out with all your help. It is MUCH appreciated 🤗🤗
  19. Gary L


    Great story. Like the way the. Boundaries are set.
  20. Bureaucracy at its worst. She must have trained in Spain!! v enjoyable read.
  21. Leather. It’s ecologically better! Whisky (Scottish) or Bourbon (nor Scottish)
  22. Gary L

    Too Late

    Powerful stuff and I fear what is coming up. 😢
  23. Gary L


    Normally it’s the bbf who moved away so this is a v nice change. A v good start. 🤗
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