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Imagine Magazine #82

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It's the 15th, ladies and gentlemen! And that means a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now live and ready for you to read and enjoy! New chapters from some of your favorite authors! And new articles and posts for the month of March! And of course...more cute boys! Hehehe! So have fun! And remember to hit that green 'Up Vote' button to show everybody some love when you get a chance! It's just the click of a button. And you burn half a calorie or something, doing that. So consider it exercise! Hehehe, keep clicking the like buton, and you'll have six pack abs in no time! :P

Take care! And I'll seezya soon!

And watch "The Adam Project"! That movie was AWESOME!!! LOL! Plus, Walker Scobell cracks me up!!! If there was ever going to be a teenage version of 'Deadpool', he'd be it!


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